Entry #1

First Animation! Gonna have to up my game though.

2014-07-24 12:09:30 by Swordticus

Alright, so I finally made my first animation. Enjoy!

So yeah, I thought by making my first on a game grumps animated, where the voice acting and most of it was already finished, all I had to do was, well, animate. Think it came out decent enough for a first animation. Had MANY problems with it but I got most of it done. There's a few things I'm curious about how other animators do things, so gonna have to ask around about that, but hey, this is newgrounds! so that wouldn't be a problem.

But Yeah, I'll definetely have to up my game for next time. Gonna go and try doing my own stuff, since I have the know how on how to do it now. Hoping to try out a bunch new things, like actually shading the cartoon!

But yeah, first animation is out, let's keep hoping for more to come!




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2014-07-24 12:24:26

Lol, I remember watching GameGrumps stuff some time back XD. Really good animation :D.
Keep it up ;)