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That was really well done man!
Loved how dark it got

God the feels

Wow this is just amazing. The editing was very well done and props to everybody's creativity. ^_^
Totally pleased and happy to be part of it.

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This is phenomenal like oh my god.
The amount of thought that went into just this world is amazing. I love the way you guide the player along the story while still letting them explore for themselves. Especially in the tutorial for example. Players felt inclined to try things for yourself and if you needed the help you could just ask for it. Really creative and smart level design.
And just the touches in the control in all the mechanics is mind blowing.
Even when you dodge too much, you stop spinning because of the lack of momentum, even though leaving the player helpless, encouraging them to not spam the dodge in a way to give the combat balance.
And the controls are great. It feels good to move the character around, attack and dodge.
You guys put a lot of love and care into this, and the mix of genre's is, exactly how you define it, simple yet amazingly detailed.

This feels like a game I'd love to play on my DS, with the clicking going into the touch screen.

I may be fanboying a bit but I really didn't expect to be this blown away. XD Too many things surprised me about this and it feels like a mish-mash of all different types of games, and they're all good.

I wish you guys the best of luck and hope it releases soon! ^_^

This is addictive as all hell. I freaking LOVE how innovative, simple, yet just batshit crazy hard this can be. Well done ^_^

Well, I really think the concept is really good, but the execution is where it's lacking.
I believe that if you at least had some kind of animation with sound effects or something that show that the creepers were being "cooked", it would be much more entertaining.
Also the lack of music just adds to the emptiness, not to mention the lack of some kind of goal.

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Man I just love your work! It's extremely catchy and always has some kind of good "feel" to it.
With this song I love the underwater jazz effect you have going on. I can literally close my eyes and imagine an underwater club, with the band playing for a small little group of people.

I was wondering if I could have your permission to use this song as a little intro for a sort of video series I'm going to make. I like the good vibes the song has and it would make a killer intro sequence ^_^

This just feels right.

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I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! Can't get over the batman giving a thumbs up though xD

Oooh, I like the lighting ^_^

Really dig the atmosphere. Nice one.

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Thanks, man.

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